A Former Prosecutor With 20 Years Of Experience In The Local Courts

When Criminal Charges Threaten Your Freedom

Criminal charges of any type can very easily threaten every aspect of your life. Knowing these facts can cause anyone stress. However, that stress doesn’t have to take over your life if you have the right representation.

Attorney Mark Andrews founded his firm to serve people across the Hampton Roads/Coastal Virginia area in all aspects of criminal law. He’s a dedicated and tenacious litigator, able to use the lessons he’s learned from over 20 years of working in courtrooms in all parts of the Hampton Roads region. Learn more about his history as a Roanoke native and criminal defense lawyer:

Why Experience Matters In Criminal Law

All criminal defense lawyers have basic credentials that mean they understand the letter of the law. However, when it comes to actually practicing the law, there is a great deal to learn. Experience is the difference between knowing how the law dictates a specific type of charge and how the individual judge may see it.

Make no mistake, the personalities are at play in any criminal matter, from the prosecutor to the judge to the arresting officers. However, the one that may make the largest impact on you and the one you have the greatest control over is your attorney.

How Mark Andrews Can Make A Difference

Mark Andrews has a well-earned reputation for tenacity and effectiveness, and he’s earned the respect of attorneys and judges across the region with his work ethic. Additionally, he’s received significant recognition and awards for the work he does for clients.

When he gets to work on your case, he will listen closely to your side and then formulate a legal strategy designed to protect your freedom and rights. He will offer a vigorous defense, questioning evidence and testimony and putting the burden of proof where it belongs – on the prosecution. He forces them to make their case and works hard for you the entire time.

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In addition to criminal defense, Mark Andrews also represents clients in personal injury matters. He’s as tenacious with injury claims as he is in the defense of your rights. To find out more about how he will assist you in your legal challenges, call 757-780-9705 or send an email using this form.