A Former Prosecutor With 20 Years Of Experience In The Local Courts


Amazing lawyer!!!

5.0 Stars

I searched for different lawyers and thankfully I found Mr. Andrews on the AVVO site. He immediately contacted me once he knew that I was interested in hiring a lawyer. He was very informative of the aspects in which my case could possibly lead to. I was originally charged with a DUI, and thankfully Mr. Andrews was able to reduce the DUI charge to Reckless driving. I also did not get a breathalyzer in my car. DUI can effect ones future opportunities in life, so it is important to contact a lawyer. Mr. Andrews is the best and I would highly recommend him to anyone!! Thank you so much for all you have done!!!

– Anonymous

Outstanding Attorney

I’d like to take the time to recognize Mark Andrews for being my outstanding defense attorney from April 2016 through May 2017.
At first, I was concerned and felt that my case would more than likely result in an unfavorable outcome for me.
Then, I contacted Mark Andrews. From my initial consultation, through the final verdict, Mark Andrews provided timely, consistent feedback and offered exceptional advice. When Mark Andrews spoke in court, he was obviously in his “arena” not only because of his professional appearance, but also because of his compelling arguments. I was in awe at the timing of his objections and his strategy was perfect. When the judge handed down my final verdict, I was immediately relieved. Mark Andrews was, without a doubt, the best attorney for my case because he is so familiar with the details of the law.
Throughout the entire process, Mark Andrews was brilliant at providing me with advice. My phone calls and email questions were always answered quickly as well. Mark Andrews exceeded my expectations.

– Robert

Outstanding Attorney.

I was present when Mark Andrews defended my son on a driving charge in which we were aiming for a reduced charge. Mark is very personable and put us at ease when he took the time before court to sit with us, clarify details, and explain to us what to expect. We were ecstatic when, rather than a reduced charge, Mark got the case dismissed. This was the best possible outcome and unexpected. He has my highest recommendation. If he’s available – you should definitely hire him.

– Larry

Mark is the best lawyer out there!

5.0 stars

Mark Andrews is the most efficient lawyer I’ve ever had. I proceeded to hire another lawyer for another case I was involved in. I regretted that decision to the fullest. I wish I would have hired Mark. I will recommend him to anyone who asks for a lawyer. And in the future, I hope to not need a lawyer, but if I do, I will MOST DEFINITELY hire him!

– Ashley